Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Let's go over to Yo's for Mexican Time.

This post comes from Yolanda -

May was a busy month. April was a busy month. I can't believe May is almost over and I still haven't posted the review.
So..... welcome to my house. I had to do a little cleaning up. I do apologize.

Follow me down the path to the patio.

Ahhhh.... that's better.

In honor of On Mexican Time, I made enchiladas

and margaritas. (Now I really want enchiladas. In real life.)

Yum. Let's lounge by the pool that overlooks the ocean and discuss the book.

Or we can lounge by the pool that overlooks the vineyard.

Either way, lounging must lead to a siesta, in true Mexican form. I don't know who these chicks are, but one of them stole my hat.

And this guy? I don't know who this guy is, either.

It's getting late.

Let's sit at the patio and have some coffee and really discuss the book.

I loved loved LOVED the colors of the book. I loved the warmth. It was hard to get into at first. I didn't know if I'd be able to finish it. It took me a while, and I actually read The Lovely Bones and The Handmaid's Tale (highly recommend both) in the same month that I plodded through Mexican Time. Such a great book. It was all about adjusting. Slowing down. They couldn't do anything on their time. They wanted to redo the house? They had to wait for the workers to get to it. And that's just how it was. This afternoon could mean three days. (A book review for May could mean the last week of May.)

It was hard to get into, but relaxing once I did get into it. Now go vote for next month's read.

images: google and restoration hardware.


Hen said...

Thanks for the welcome Yo! The food and drinkies look delicious, and I'm admiring your choice in furniture....and handsome men!

I enjoyed 'On Mexican Time', but it wasn't one of those books to guzzle up in one greedy sitting. It pootled along - giving much pleasure from the beautifully described colours and places...but I did feel disappointed that nothing really 'happened'.
However, I really loved -

"amo, amas, ama, amamos, aman. So many different ways to love."

"Para hoy?" "For today? I nod. Yes, Today. I have no life beyond today."

"Our house ideas tend to collapse of their own weight....get subverted by the languid allure of the place..."

Though the colours were vivid, lived vibrant and clear in my head, so did a niggling thought, I wondered if this couple weren't slightly too smug, and felt slightly superior to both their friends back in the US and their neighbours in San Miguel. Nothing clearly said, just a gnawing feeling, which made me squirm.

I'm probably being unfair....perhaps it's just the way he 'speaks'... what do you think?

Thank you for having us over Yo - it was lovely!

Hen said...

Empathy, I'm thinking that they lacked empathy?

Jo said...

Hi! I was very silly and left my comment on the book in the last section. Will cut and paste here:

Crap, it won't cut and paste. Well, go over to "On Mexican time--Who is joining us this month" for my comments. See, this is my life lately, On Mexican time and working hard but never catching up. Just an odd, busy, time.

Yo, I cried when I got your email and am afraid I never wrote condolences because I kept erasing what I wrote because nothing I wrote seemed good enough, to make any sense out of the senseless. I am so sorry for you friends loss and wish I could have wrote something helpful but was so overwhelmed I felt inadequate to say anything. I am so sorry.

Yolanda Elvira said...

Aw, Jo, I just read your comment! Thank you. It's been so hard for them, to say the very least. I don't wish this on anyone.

Yolanda Elvira said...

oh, and hen, i agree with the attitude the author had toward mexico and their friends in the states. also, did you feel that there was some kind of disconnect between him and his wife? maybe it's from being married so long, but they seemed to almost be roommates at times.