Thursday, 15 May 2008

Next Book on the shelf....

I nipped into Mr B's today for booky inspiration - they were in celebratory mood having WON the Independant British Bookshop of the year!!!!!! They deserve no less as  they are quite fabulous.

Caroline from Mr B's runs another book group and suggested the following - which of these appeals the most?

Self Help author Ed Docx is doing a 'gig' at Mr B's in a few weeks time - he looks utterly GORGEOUS - not that that should cloud our descision!
But I could force myself to go meet the author!!!! Hahahaha!

Alone in her native St Petersburg, Maria Glover send an urgent summons to London and New York. Her son and daughter arrive too late to see her, but the end of their mother's life marks the beginning of their own story: one of secrets, strangers and the ultimate retelling of everything they thought they knew.

ISBN: 978033044614 published by Picador

Set in Manhatten over the course of one year and executed with exquisite sympathy, tenderness and emotional nuance, Either side of winter moves through a series of linked events and characters, season by season. Touched by a wry humour, it is a lyrical and moving picture of people whose lives are inextricably linked by circumstance, community - and a need to be loved.

ISBN: 0571226663 Published  by Faber and Faber

A lost little girl with her notebook and toy monkey appears on the cctv screens of the Green Oaks shoppping centre, evoking memories of junior detective, Kate Meaney, missing for 20 years. Kurt a security guard with a sleep disorder and Lisa a disenchanted deputy manager at Your Music, follow her through the centres endless corridors - welcome relief from the behavior of customers, colleagues and Green Oaks mystery shopper. But as this after hours friendship grows in intensity, it brings new loss and longing to light.

ISBN: 0955138418 published by Tindal Street Press

This last book comes highly recommended as Caroline's book group's favourite read to date, and has just won the Costa First Novel award, shortlisted for the Guardian, Man Booker and Orange prizes.

Please vote on the book you would like to read next month.

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Yolanda Elvira said...

I vote for the Other Side of Winter.

Yolanda Elvira said...

AND i have the review for you. I'm mailing it to you right now.

Hen said...

Jo are you out there?
Which would you like?

Yo - I'm going to try to put up your post tomorrow night - It's No 2's birthday low chance of blogging! Love the photos!
Hope you both had a great weekend,

Jo said...

Hello, I'm here! Have truly been on Mexican Time although quite busy sort of dazy Mexican time. I was moved towards handsome author! I like your style of choosing!

Hen said...

My Choice-
first - What was lost
second - Self help
third - The other side of winter! Life As....we need a casting vote!

Mary Alice said...

I'm out of class for the summer so I'll join you all now that I have some TIME.

I vote:

#1 The Other Side of Winter
#2 Self Help
#3 What was lost.

The other side of winter said something about wry humor, I'm all for some humor right now!

Life As I Know It said...

My vote would be for
#1 Self Help
#2 Other Side of Winter

Sorry I've been in the land of the missing for awhile!