Wednesday, 16 April 2008

On Mexico Time - who is joining us this month?

Thank you Yo for choosing this month's book - we are looking forward to coming round to yours at the end of the month to have a good chin wag, and drinkie poos! What day is good for everyone?



Yolanda Elvira said...

MEEE!!! I'M HERE!! I haven't started the book yet. Is that bad? How are you liking it so far?

Domestically Challenged said...

I haven't started it yet either....
I'm trying to finish "Mr Hai's daughter, becoming british, a memoir" not a catchy title but it's very enjoyable, and bringing back lots of memories - as I grew up in an area of London with a big Asian community.
Very interesting to hear things from her point of view, and amusing to read about how they competed with each other to be more "English"!

How's your Sis?

GardeningJo said...

i was barely into it & had to return it since there was a hold on it @ the library! (aargh!) i'm down for the count @ the moment!

Jo said...

Hi! I guess we're all on Mexican Time! I am halfway through--I really like it but it does sort of remind me of a Mexico version of Frances Mayes books on Tuscany. It's weird to me sometimes that instead of changing your circumstances where you are you try to change your life by moving. I guess that's the "wherever you are, there you are" mentality in me coming out. On the other hand I think it's awesome to experience another culture in such an intimate way and would love to have such an experience myself. I think the only thing that rubs me the wrong way is when Americans run to other countries to get something--it's almost parasitic to me. Thoughts? Am I thinking too much?

How are the rest of you doing on the book? Should we hold over our margaritas and chips and dips for another month since we're all havning difficulties getting there?

Yo...your question about the litchis cracked me up! I am having trouble reading your new blog though (comment part), again I need to get a new computer badly. It's on my list to do but I am really struggling lately b/c my daughter has hit the TERRIBLE 2's earlier than expected. She HATES me to be on the computer. AIIIII. Bear with me guys.

Ciao me amores!

Domestically Challenged said...

Hola amigos!

Yo - when shall we come round to yours for tequila?

Jo said...

So I still have yet to finish this book, but I only have a couple of chapters left.

You know, I did like this book, it had a way of taking you in and making you feel you were there with them on this adventure.

BUT...I couldn't help feeling like the author was, in all reality, a little too slick to take seriously. There is just something about well-to-do artists that need to "escape" their lives and start a new one that totally irks me somehow. I understand the desire to experience a different culture and think you can and should sometimes but this author I felt was so...self-important as was his wife. I don't know, maybe I am way off, but I felt that it was such a watered down, elitist type of an experience in Mexico.

That said, I loved the descriptions and felt I could see the house and area surrounding and it made me want to make squash blossom soup (my favorite chapter is "Mango Mousse"). I also liked his vocabulary, I felt like I had to look up every other word, which sometimes got daunting and made me feel so...pedestrian really at times! Not so good for my ego, but good for my vocabulary!