Thursday, 27 March 2008


I have posted my little thoughts...what do you think? Now I'm having a 'Chelsea Rose' - what would you like?

Ahhhhh, that's better!

So far, On Mexican Time looks like next months read....


Life As I Know It said...

This has been a busy month, and I'm still reading!

Domestically Challenged said...

Hello Life!
Glad to hear that you've been reading the Nuns - nobody has finished it yet...except Jo's husband!
Shame it wasn't such a scrummy read as Eat, Pray Love.
Look forward to hearing your thoughts soon,
best wishes

Domestically Challenged said...

Friday evening.

Feeling frazzled - having just speed read the rest of The Pagan Nun....I was glad to finish it - which I wasn't convinced I would manage, but a bit sad that it was such a gloomy ending.

I have to say that I did really enjoy the first 40 pages of the book - her then positive outlook that there could be "a kinship between stone chapel and stone circle" - I wish that could be the case.

Why is it that religions are for the most part so quick to undermine any other belief? Why does any one type of God have to the "right" one?
Our pagan nun hoped that it was possible for two religions to coexist...she hoped for too much.
Fear and lack of understanding breeds anger and hatred - something we know all too well today.

Last week I watched a programme about the twelve disciples of Christ, it was very interesting - seeing how modern science can prove of disprove stories handed down over the last 500 years.
Also fascinating was the concept that Christianity had been hijacked from it's origins as a Jewish sect, various details having been removed for the benefit of the new administrators of the church.
The fact that women, who had previously held very prominent positions, were now sidelined rang a chord with our little pagan nun.

The programme left me feeling more than a little sad - that faith, which should be there to give comfort to all, in a very equal and even way instead can leave some feeling that it is about power and control. The book had the same vibe, so I am feeling rather dejected....I wish we lived in an ideal world!

Yo, I'm hoping the Mexico trip is going to give us a jollier time!

Right girls - time for a well deserved cocktail - who's first?


Yolanda Elvira said...

on mexican time! you do know what that means, right? it means at least a half hour late to everything. as i am... about three days late for my review of the pagan nun! i will post my review tonight.

Yolanda Elvira said...

it was a dark time period. food was scarce, the weather was horrible, and people were being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

i thought she was a beautiful character, though. i thought the author did a wonderful job of showing how Gwynn's faith evolved. her basic beliefs didn't change. she tried finding meaning in the religion that was forced on her. she tried finding balance. she embodied polar opposites... with her religion, with her fierce need for independence and her need to belong.

yes, it was a dark story, and it ended sad, but she was a beautiful character, someone i could relate to.

we're all trying to find balance within ourselves, with our friendships, relationships, families.

"receiving kindness is the only comfort for suffering. Giving kindness is the only method of forgetting suffering. The creed is of no concern, and the act may be so simple as to seem insignificant, such as the kindness of the sun drying my leggings, or of a hand offering cheese, or of a voice saying, 'i will stay with you.'"

the ending was sad. but she stayed true to herself.

i have a lot of notes of quotes from the book, and i'm going to post some of my favorite on my blog.

Jo said...

I am off to get "On Mexican Time" and am excited--I would aspire to being on Mexican time! Anyway--did you guys hear what I got for my birthday--you will be slobbering--a SIGNED copy of EPL! Am I lucky or what. It is one of my new favorite books. Confessions rather depressed me. Good to read, I suppose. like finishing your brussel sprouts, but not as uplifting as I like my reads to be!

GardeningJo said...

weird, my comment disappeared! 'error' blah, blah, blah! ah well! anyway, starting 'on mexican time' today!

it's going to have a hard time coming after 'loving frank' by nancy horan which i just finished yesterday for another club! what a rare, interesting, emotional & beautifully written novel! i do believe it's now tied for 1st place of my all time fav reads! (up til now, 'sufficient grace' by darnell arnoult held that spot alone!)